Vikki Jones

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Welcome to the portfolio website of Vikki Jones, the owner, and visionary behind the success of VMH Publishing and its esteemed magazines, VMH Magazine and VMH Sports magazine.

VMH Magazine and VMH Sports magazine have become trusted sources of engaging content, both in digital and print formats. I have strived to provide readers with captivating articles and features that cater to diverse interests. These magazines reach a wide audiences are respected publications.

With VMH Publishing, I have nurtured and supported talented authors, publishing over 200 titles that have captivated readers worldwide.”

Discover Your True Greatness with

‘The Power Within’

“The Power Within is not about finding something new; it's about uncovering something that has always been there. Remove any self-imposed limitations, embrace uniqueness, and understand that the power within you is a gift waiting to be unwrapped. Through practical tips, mindset shifts, and storytelling, "The Power Within" helps readers see the greatness that resides within.” - Vikki Jones

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