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Welcome to the official website of Vikki Jones, an esteemed business leader and innovator with over 15 years of experience in industries such as publishing, mass media, communications, and the global supply industry. Vikki currently serves as the Founder and CEO of VMH Magazine and VMH Publishing, successful international digital multimedia and book publishing enterprises.

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Speaking Engagements and Thought Leadership

Vikki is a sought-after speaker and thought leader, sharing her insights and expertise at corporate events, industry conferences, and leadership summits. Her presentations inspire audiences with her strategic thinking, practical guidance, and innovative ideas for success in today's dynamic business landscape.

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High-Performing Teams

One of Vikki's key strengths lies in her ability to build and motivate high-performing teams. By creating a collaborative and inclusive work environment, she empowers individuals to unleash their full potential and achieve excellence. Vikki's leadership style emphasizes teamwork, creativity, and employee satisfaction, resulting in cohesive and productive teams.

support services

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Business Strategy Development

Creating personalized strategies to help businesses navigate challenges and maximize opportunities for growth.

Branding and Identity Development

Creating compelling and impactful branding solutions that resonate with target audiences and differentiate businesses from competitors.

Website Design and Optimization

Creating visually appealing, user-friendly websites optimized for search engines to enhance online presence and attract more traffic.

Market Research and Analysis

Providing in-depth market insights and analysis to support informed decision-making and identify key trends.

Content Creation and Copywriting

Creating engaging and persuasive content that effectively communicates key messages and drives customer engagement.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Assisting businesses in implementing CRM systems and developing strategies to enhance customer retention, and satisfaction.


Vikki Jones

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