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Welcome to the portfolio website of Vikki Jones, the owner, and visionary behind the success of VMH Publishing and its esteemed magazines, VMH Magazine and VMH Sports magazine. As an enduring reader, you understand the passion and dedication I have poured into building these companies from the ground up.

VMH Magazine and VMH Sports magazine have become trusted sources of engaging content, both in digital and print formats. As the mastermind behind these publications, I have strived to provide readers with captivating articles and features that cater to their diverse interests. These magazines have flourished under my guidance, reaching a wide audience and establishing themselves as respected publications in the industry.

With VMH Publishing, I have nurtured and supported talented authors, publishing over 300 titles that have captivated readers worldwide. This unwavering dedication to quality literature has earned me prestigious awards as the best book publisher for seven consecutive years.

Take a moment to explore this website and discover the journey of

Vikki Jones. Immerse yourself in the books I have written and learn more about the enduring success of VMH Publishing and its magazines.

Books by Vikki Jones:

Vikki's books span various genres, each offering unique insights and compelling narratives that have resonated with readers around the world. Discover the range of books she has written, including:

1. Business Books:

- "Bootstrap: Start Where You Are With What You Have"

- "Words Unleashed: Write, Publish & Market Your Book”

2. Inspirationals:

- "Look Forward! Bite-Sized Gems That Power Your Dream Life"

- "Take Courage: Inspiration to Jump Start Your Dreams"

3. Children's Book:

- "Made To Love, Payton Learns a Lesson on Behavior"

4. Self-Care Books:

- "Prioritize Self-Care Guide & Workbook"

- "Overcoming Trauma"

Whether you're seeking practical business advice, inspiration to overcome challenges, or a delightful tale for young readers, Vikki's books offer something for everyone. Explore this portfolio section to delve into the world of Vikki Jones' written works, discover the themes that resonate throughout her books, and find your next captivating read.

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Multimedia Accomplishments

With a portfolio of prestigious events, Vikki Jones has been credentialed for iconic occasions such as the Heisman Trophy Ceremony, Pro Bowls, and NFL Superbowls, showcasing their expertise in sports coverage. Their involvement extends beyond sports, as they have also been credentialed for events like the Global Entrepreneurship Summit hosted by The White House and the World Economic Forum, demonstrating their broad influence in entrepreneurship, business, and global affairs. As a trusted media partner, Vikki Jones has collaborated with renowned organizations like The Economist, solidifying their position as a respected voice in global trade, supply chain discussions, and technology conferences like Collision Global Tech.

Heisman Trophy Ceremony

Pro Bowls

NFL Superbowls

NFL Combines

Global Entrepreneurship Summit Hosted by The White House

(Barack Obama)

Media Partner with The Economist in Dubai at Global Trade and

Supply Chain Summit

Collision Global Tech Conference

World Economic Forum

Daytime Emmy Awards

The World Games (Over 100 Countries Participate)

Include my name Vikki Jones and include these additional events

CES Tech Conference

Web Summit (Lisbon, Portugal)

Celebration Bowl

Forbes Summit (Invite)

HBCU Legacy Bowl

East West Shrine Bowl

Atlanta Open, which features ATP Tour Tennis Professionals

1. Multimedia Platform Owner: Vikki Jones has successfully established and manages a thriving multimedia platform, encompassing various forms of media such as books, magazines, and digital content.

2. Award-Winning Book Publisher: With her expertise and dedication, Vikki Jones has consistently won the prestigious Best Book Publisher award for seven consecutive years, showcasing her exceptional talent in the publishing industry.

3. Respected Magazine Creator: Vikki Jones has created highly regarded magazines in that resonate with readers, offering insightful content and captivating visuals.

4. Global Media Coverage: As a media professional, Vikki Jones has covered major events such as the Heisman Trophy Ceremony, NFL Superbowls, Global Entrepreneurship Summit, World Economic Forum, and more, demonstrating her ability to provide comprehensive and engaging media coverage.

5. International Speaking Engagements: Vikki Jones has been invited to speak at international events, sharing her expertise on social topics and participating as an audience member in influential discussions, including those held in Dubai and Trinidad & Tobago.

6. Mentorship & Interviews: Vikki Jones has provided mentorship to global businesses, guiding them on effective marketing techniques. Additionally, she has conducted interviews with renowned celebrities and world business leaders, showcasing her ability to engage with influential personalities.


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